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I have logged Over-The-Air firmware updates from American Forces Network (AFN) on

PowerVu management keys has been hacked (december 2014).
PowerVu_management_keys_hacked.pdf (8 MB)

PowerVu with CSA instead of DES (december 2014).
PowerVu_with_CSA_instead_of_DES.pdf (< 1 MB)

Find EMM keys 84 times faster (december 2014).
Find_EMM_keys_84_times_faster.pdf (< 1 MB)

This ZIP contains the content of the 4 flash ICs u16, u17, u18, u19 and a merged file. For analyzing it's better than the above OTA files because the flash contains also the bootloader code.

ORIGINAL Manual - PowerVu Model D9234 Business Satellite Receiver - Installation and Operation Guide.
PV9234 (zipped PDF) (1,5 MB)

Es wird gezeigt dass der Security-Chip Schwachstellen enthaelt die das Ermitteln des Schluessels ermoeglichen
Kryptoanalyse PowerVu TV-Verschluesselung.pdf (200 kB) 2010-Mar-10

The PDF includes information about the PowerVu encryption system and access codes to enter many secret menus.
PowerVuSecrets (zipped PDF) (2 MB) 2005-02-16

This PDF includes the circuit diagram of the D9234 switching power supply.
PowerVuPowerSupplyCircuitDiagram (zipped PDF) (703 KB) 2005-05-16

With this tool you can log the traffic, manipulate answers or send own commands to the ISE. (145 KB) Version 1.00 2005-02-16